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BI MEN US Winter 2018 Newsletter
Exciting New Developments For You!

Dear BI Men US Members and Friends,

We have lots of new things going on at Bi Men US:

BisexualMen on FACEBOOK is a new free and public group to help YOU meet bisexual men, bi-curious guys, bi couples and our gay male friends all over the world. Join it and LIKE our Bi MEN NETWORK page at Facebook too. Do not miss out on the MAN FUN – join our bisexual men at FACEBOOK free by clicking the following link:

We now have SEVEN feature-length, quality adult bisexual films from our friends at THREE PILLOWS, the original and premiere adult bisexual site! Go now to enjoy free while these 7 LINKS are still open and online and live at both BLOGS and FORUMS at our BETA MU online bi men and friends social fraternity. You can join FREE for 2 full weeks and view and download all 7 BI MMF feature films: www.betamusociety,org

For the world’s largest inventory of hot, bi mmf and other bisexual adult content, you can take a free tour at the one and only THREE PILLOWS! For that excitement and stimulation click the following link: THREE PILLOWS.

For all bisexual men, bi-curious guys and our friends please visit:

and Bi MEN STORIES free:

We are here for you since 1998 online continuously at Bi MEN NETWORK and now also
at our new online bi and gay men global social fraternity – the BETA MU SOCIETY
and at Bi MEN USA at and at both our Facebook pages and Twitter too!

BI MEN US Winter 2018 Newsletter

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For all adult men aged 21 to 121.


Hello MEN:

The 1/4 million bi and gay men at our BI MEN NETWORK – online continuously since 1998 serving our bi and gay worldwide community – do invite you to come and join us in our all new BETA MU – bi male focus private fraternity! Members only – an all male secret society! BETA MU will be members only with Pledges and Active Members. If you join this Fall you have the opportunity to join either as an honored and valued Founding Father or as a Charter Member. BETA MU is a one-of-a-kind and truly unique safe and secure THING for our men!

We welcome at BETA MU all bi and gay male adult men aged 18 to 118 and we welcome men of all races and of all shapes and sizes. We welcome bi couples with the male partner as the primary BETA MU member either as a Pledge or Active and same-sex male couples as well with both members as full members.

NOW OPEN! Our BETA MU private fraternity – members only – for bi men and our gay male friends and bi couples ONLY! Join now as an honored and valued CHARTER MEMBER for only $100 and you will have free access and no fraternity membership dues or any fees for the rest of this year – and all of 2016 – and all of 2017. That works out to less than four bucks per month – and with honored CHARTER MEMBER status and discounts for Beta Mu Road Show Events across the USA. All Charter Members will be full members with ACTIVE status. Those who opt to join on a quarterly basis will be Pledges at BETA MU. So contact me MAC – Bi Men Founder – here or at for more information. You can pay via PayPal easily with any credit or debit card or any bank account or you can also mail in a check or a money order to me discreetly. BETA MU will safeguard your privacy with absolute discretion. We have bought the best social networking program that is now available with access from ALL devices. We will be adding a Game Room with over 400 games for fraternity members to play. The site will be incredible and the first Bi MEN social fraternity EVER on Earth! There will be social networking, discussion forums, chat rooms, game rooms, contacts for hook-ups and I must say that best of all you will make friends for LIFE with other bi and gay men who are in fact your new fraternity brothers. This will have the privacy and safety and absolute discretion of an all male secret society. BETA MU Fraternity is something you will want to join, cherish and enjoy for the rest of your life! Do not be surprised when you see other wannabe “fraternities” start emerging imitating US!

There has been NOTHING like this on the internet since BI MEN USA was first founded in the late 1990’s. With BETA MU bi men social fraternity – an all but a secret all male society – we will get back to that but with your absolute privacy and discretion assured. We are paying top dollar for the SAFEST hosting dedicated site on the net with security for YOU our truly valued and honored Active and Pledge members. SO save and be an honored CHARTER MEMBER and contact me today to join up NOW. Coming in mid to late October the pre-opening and then the Grand Opening is set for All Saints Day on November 1st, 2015. Don’t miss this! Come and join the fun! Don’t be left out! BETA MU is for YOU!!!

Have a great holiday! Big hugs and long tugs,
Stewart (“Mac”) McCloud
Founder and Moderator
Over 1/4 million men with us today!


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