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Do you think you may be a bisexual man? If so, we are here to help you both online or offline. We have been doing so for men like you across the world since the mid 1990’s, and online continuously since 1998. We are the world’s largest social and support organization for bisexual men, bi-curious guys, bi couples and our gay male friends and supporters. With over 250,000 such active male members with us today, you are NOT alone–not by far–so welcome aboard!

It may be hard to believe nowadays – but only twenty short years ago new bi-curious men or men just coming out would come to us and thought they were THE ONLY ONE of their kind on Earth! Things have changed since then, but “coming out” can be a difficult and painful process.

We now have an amazing social networking website specifically set up for bi men and our gay male friends called the Beta Mu Society. This safe and totally private fraternity website is set up on our fully dedicated server, and it is is catching on like wildfire, with thousands of members from all over the world! Feel free to join us for a free two week test drive, meet and have online chats, including live video chats, with our members. You can also search for and contact men in your area! Our new social networking site is here for you, to help and guide you in this new bi men and gay men world you may be entering for the first time, or coming back to after many years as a totally straight guy! Who knew? No one likely knew! But you KNOW NOW and are ready to move onward and upward to explore a new and hopefully better world.  As you expand  your world, you will reach greater self-realization as you accept and enjoy your true self and your real sexual expression! So please join us at our Beta Mu Society today!

So we are HERE FOR YOU – You are NOT alone! Explore our websites, and if you need more help, contact our Bi Men Founder, Mac McCloud, directly: CONTACT MAC. There are lots of Bisexual Guys, Bi-curious Men, Bi Couples and coming out Gay Men who often need some tender, loving care and attention too. NOTE: Mac can be very busy, so please allow him one or two business days to get back to you.  Be Happy, and thank  you for being here with us today.  Hope you will join us at the Beta Mu Society, and stay for awhile or a lifetime!

If you need help coming out or finding someone special, please feel free to Click Here to contact us today!

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